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What is the present for this Tet Holiday?

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Every year my company also has a headache about choosing what to offer as gifts for employees and customers.

Tet gifts do not have many dishes to choose from, always jam cake, tea and wine. Everybody has many dishes that choose to go back and forth, so everyone’s cakes are the same, so everyone is bored to want to eat.
So the Tet haunted by the old and fried dishes, there is no interesting or new.

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Year of the New Year 2018, thanks to a friend from the bank suggested, I choose to dry chicken with dry pork as a Tet gift instead of jam cake as every year.
It is true that there is a bit of change in the company atmosphere. Dry chicken dish with dry pig though not strange to the office snack believers, but received as Tet gifts, everyone is eager.

At first, when my friend suggested using chicken and dried pork as a gift, I was also a little confused. What I think most is about product quality, product brand. In addition, I only heard people give chicken to dry for friends to play, but not to buy staff as gifts ever.
However, when I think carefully and find out, I feel like giving chicken, dried pork is reasonable.
This dish is quite familiar with snacks like me, both delicious and delicious to choose, can be used for many different cases. If this gift is given, people will prefer to give jam cake.

What I am hesitant about is: which brand?
After consulting from friends and myself, I tried to try different places, I decided to choose Heo-Mi Foods, because:
– The best-selling brand on Foody.
– Has clear information, full brand license, product certificate
– Products of this brand are allowed to sell on prestigious sites: Adayroi, Tiki

Above all, Heo-Mi Foods has a variety of dried chicken and dried pork flavors. I tried it and was very pleased.
The packaging here is also very nice, hygienic (jar with aluminum film), suitable for gifts.

Above is my personal experience when choosing the Heo-Mi Foods brand. Please experience, try it yourself and choose for yourself.


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