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How to dry delicious lime leaf chicken at home with 6 standard step by step instructions

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How to dry delicious lime leaf chicken at home with 6 standard step by step instructions

This deliciously delicious snack is not difficult at all. How to make dried spicy chicken just need the main ingredients such as chicken, lemon leaves, chili and spices in general that you can make yourself at home with a delicious oven, or non-stick pan that can make food This super delicious. Lime-dried chicken is a long time ago, but has recently become a fever and become one of the most delicious and attractive foods of young people.


Each strand of dried chicken aroma with lemon leaves, plus the sweetness of meat mixed with the mild spicy of fresh peppers makes millions of people fascinated with this attractive dish. Every day more and more people choose to dry lemon leaf chicken as a side dish daily in the office or party for protein and nutrients party and its deliciousness.

Lime leaves can sip with beer, wine, bring guests to make snacks when free when watching movies or gathering friends … especially for office workers, this dish looks very tasty. Popular and often order. Most people use dried chicken to eat directly. But few people know that chicken can be combined with sticky rice or bread like rubbing pork cotton.


Currently, dried lime leaf chicken, dry chicken and garlic butter are mostly sold online, not by companies, but mainly by people who are home-made and sold through facebook. On average, 1 kg of chicken is sold for about 250,000 – 400,000 VND, not too high compared to Middle Income. But if you raise your own chicken, and make chicken yourself, you can save a lot of money. than.


Spicy dry chicken can be made with an oven or non-stick pan. Each method has its own advantages. But faster and more convenient to make dried chicken more suitable for ideal dryness. So long ago, HEOMI shop chicken dry decided to reveal how to bake dried spicy chicken with oven with friends. Learn the recipe is immediately to “make” an attractive dish for the whole family!



Chicken breast (chicken breast): 450 grams

Lemon leaves: 10 leaves

Fresh ginger: 1 small branch

Lemongrass: 4 trees

Dried garlic: 1

Dried onions: 3

Chili: remaining 2

Brown sugar: 2 spoons

Delicious fish sauce: 2 spoons

Korean hot pepper: 3 spoons

Pentagon: 1 spoon

Cashew nuts: 2 spoons

Oyster oil: 1 spoon


Pre-processing chicken before processing

Scrape fresh ginger, rinse, grind

Dried onion peeled beating bowl


Wash chicken breast with water. If you are more careful, you can squeeze it thoroughly with salt water and rinse. Put the chicken in a saucepan with ginger and onion, then grind and pour in the flooded water and boil on a boiling stove. When the pot boils for about 5 minutes, you will turn off the stove. But don’t leave it out, soak the chicken in a pot for about 10 minutes


Boiled chicken with ginger and dried onions

Boiled chicken with ginger and dried onions will make the meat more fragrant.


Tear of chicken

Pick up the chicken to get into the basket, let it cool and drain and start tearing the chicken. Use a knife to cut the chicken breast into small squares and tear it into small pieces with your hands. See the picture below to make it right!


Tear chicken into small and long fibers

Tearing chicken into a fiber of the same size, the finished product will be very beautiful.


Note You can tear chicken into arbitrary and large pieces. But not too big or too small If it is too big to dry for too long to process, the fibers are too small, the drying process tends to cause dryness, brittle and burns and loss of the sweetness of dry chicken. The size of chicken fiber must be equal to ensure proper and suitable drying time.


Chicken meat mixed well and marinated with spices

After cutting the chicken, you marinate with ½ of the prepared five spices, chili powder and spices, including sugar, oyster sauce, fish sauce and main noodles. Use chopsticks to mix well together. Let chicken smoke marinated spices for about 30 minutes while waiting for marinated meat. You proceed with other ingredients.


Marinate chicken with spices


Chicken marinated with spices to create color and create attractive flavor


Preliminary processing of other materials

Garlic peeled, chopped, minced


Wash lemongrass, peel old leaves, cut roots and cut into thin slices.


Lemon leaves will be washed so they are drained and cut into large pieces.

Chili, washed, chopped


Color and marinate spices

The pan on the stove lightly stirred with oil, cooked about 3 tablespoons, added colored cashew nuts to get a beautiful red oil and remove the body. Add chopped garlic and ground chilli to have a scent, followed by five spices, Korean chili powder in minutes.


Stir in spices to create a beautiful color combination.


When the ingredients are beautiful, pour lemongrass and lime leaves. Reduce heat and people in hand for 5-7 minutes to make chicken spices.


Add lemongrass and lime leaves to help the chicken smell.


Note that using Korean colored oil and Korean paprika will help keep the chicken color beautiful instead of regular white chicken. Many people wonder why chickens sometimes dry, pale yellow, sometimes dark yellow, sometimes red … The reason is because of the amount of chili and oil that you use more or less.

Dried Chicken miscarriage

When stir-fry chicken starts to hunt again with beautiful colors and spices, continue to dry with the oven.


You put the chicken in the tray, put it in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees C for 3-4 minutes / time. After each drying, use chopsticks to dry the chicken 2-3 times to completely dry the meat. The drying time depends on the size of the chicken fibers you tear, so adjust the drying time accordingly!


After drying, remove the baking tray and let the chicken cool and set aside.


Dry chicken dish after drying

Chicken is dried after baking with an oven


Note that drying the chicken, but still soft, not too dry will make the chicken hard and crispy and not eat well


If you don’t have an oven, you can dry it directly on the non-stick pan.


Dry chicken does not stick

If you don’t have an oven, you can star chicken with a non-stick pan.


Delicious dry dish

Now take the chicken to the plate and enjoy it now!

khô gà bơ tỏi Heo Mi

Request for finished products

Dry chicken dish with beautiful golden brown color (Color may vary due to the amount of spices you add). Increase the special aroma of chicken and lemon leaves.

Dry chicken fibers are the same size, not dry or burnt.

When eating soft chicken, the natural sweetness of the meat mixed with the spicy flavor of chili and other aromatic spices is even more delicious.

Tips & Notes (footnotes)

With a dried spicy chicken dish, you only use the meat in the breast as it is the best part. Chicken breast is the most meaty part of chicken, is considered a very delicious and nutritious white meat, rich in protein. But very little fat Therefore, it is often used for weaning children and in the diet of those who want to lose weight.


Chicken breast

Chicken breast is considered to be the most delicious and nutritious white meat in chickens.


Many people wonder whether chicken drumsticks and chicken should be used. (Because chicken thighs have the same texture) although meat is very rich But thigh meat is usually tougher and less nutritious, while chicken meat is more meaty, soft and easy to tear, cheap should be the most suitable choice.

When buying chicken breast, you should buy industrial chicken breast. (Because meat is bigger than chicken breast) sold in supermarkets or grocery stores Choose fresh meat, have shelf life and not be damaged.

You can increase or decrease fresh peppers and lime leaves when needed. If you like spicy food, be prepared to add chili. If the house has children, leave pepper or do not use it. For lemon leaves, you give it enough, you can smell it (But not too much because it will be bitter)

Storage method

If you make the chicken very dry to eat slowly, put it in glass bottles, plastic bottles or sealed plastic bags, store in a dry place and avoid the sun.


Properly stored, you can use dried chicken for about 1-2 months. When you bring dry chicken, you should use it enough. If you bring out a lot without using it all, the chicken will easily be destroyed by mold.


Dry chicken bag

You should divide it into small bottles or plastic bags for easy use many times.


If the chicken is stored in the freezer before you eat it, put it in the microwave to heat it up.

More information

What is the best way to dry lemon leaf chicken?

You can use dried spicy chicken chicken as a regular dish, bring it out and enjoy it when watching movies or whenever you want. In addition, dried chicken can eat sticky rice and bread, make drinks for men or give to relatives and friends …


Dried spicy chicken is spicy, so you have to eat directly without eating or eating anything.


With spicy, aromatic, easy to eat, the more you eat, the more dried spicy chicken dishes are creating the fever of young people. Instead of buying outside with 6 simple steps in the formula above, you can easily make this dish.

If you spend too much time processing delicious chicken dry dishes, please go to the HEOMI chicken dry shop . We have more than 10 different types of dried chicken with the best quality, can completely serve your eating and drinking needs. Chicken dry Heo Mi is a great gift from tourists to Ho Chi M during the past 2-3 years.