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Dried chicken meat is popular in karaoke bars

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Dried chicken meat is popular in karaoke bars.

Today, many karaoke bars bring Dried chicken meat to their menu, replacing traditional dishes such as peanuts or Dried beef.

There are many reasons to Dried chicken meat to be so hot and so popular.


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Dried chicken meat is delicious

Dried chicken meat does not lose anything expensive Dried such as Dried or Dried cow. If the cows Dried only a few very basic taste Dried chicken meat has a more diverse. In addition to the traditional Dried chicken meat to spit out a very popular flavor is Dried lemon chicken meat. After a period of hunting, the taste of Dried lime chicken meat is widely supported by consumers. Nowhere near the Dried lemon chicken meat, another flavor of Dried chicken meat is gradually occupied position is not inferior to Dried chicken meat garlic butter. Dried garlic butter is popular with strange taste, fragrant crispy chicken meat fiber characteristics together with garlic pieces are Dried crispy delicious can not resist.

Many consumers who try to eat Dried avocado chicken meat require the manufacturer to increase the amount of garlic in the Dried chicken meat product.

Dried chicken meat Dried lemon chicken meat and Dried chicken meat garlic butter are two Dried chicken meat is a market move. In addition, there are other options that consumers can choose is Dried Sichuan rotary chicken meat, for children and older people are not necessarily soft filament yam to serve this group of customers.



Prices are very affordable.

For consumers who are Dried cow fans, Dried chicken meat is a great alternative to tasteless and varied flavors, plus Dried chicken meat costs a lot more. With the same amount of money to buy 1kg of Dried cow, consumers can buy 2-3kg Dried chicken meat just right and reasonable price, this is the choice can not refuse.



Dried chicken meat is very safe for consumers.

Before being introduced into the prestigious karaoke bars, the Dried chicken meat brand was tested for food hygiene and safety and published in accordance with the standards of the Department of Health. In order to obtain the soft, delicate, crispy, or crispy yarns, Dried chicken meat must be made from fresh chicken meat breast cooked for a short time after slaughter. If the chicken meat breast is long or frozen, it can not be processed into such long fiber. chicken meat cheeses made from chicken meat breast and raw chicken meat are much cheaper than pork or beef, so it is rare to use other types of meat replacing chicken meat breast meat. Consumers insist that 100% Dried chicken meat is made from chicken meat.



Dried chicken meat is packaged very carefully in beautiful packaging design with each package suitable for each use. Consumers can either use them as a snack or bring them back in their bags for hunger.


Prestigious brand is selected by tourists

Visitors to other provinces to Saigon or Viet Kieu from countries to Vietnam choose the specialties to give gifts to relatives friends. When they come to Saigon, Dried chicken meat is one of the priority options to make meaningful gifts. And brand Heo Mi is a trademark that customers love to remember, so the shop constantly Heo Mi welcome visitors to buy as gifts. Consumers are more secure when consuming products are crowded tourists choose. Because to choose the gift to bring their loved ones, they have to consider carefully the quality, design, image and brand reputation.


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